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Exam FM Practice Questions

The Actuarial Nexus includes hundreds of unique questions and solutions. There are three ways to create problem sets and begin working on practice questions.

Linked Syllabus

The Linked Syllabus is designed for students who prefer a guided approach to learning. The syllabus is organized by topic and follows the objectives outlined in the SOA syllabus verbatim. Each topic contains a list of interactive practice problems that the user can then selectively add to their problem set. For new students, we recommend starting with the Linked Syllabus.

Quick Start

Quick Start gives the user a hands-off approach to creating problem sets, while still allowing for a high level of customization. Quick Start will randomly sample new problem sets from user pre-set configurations. Configurations could target specific difficulty ranges, specific topics, or only new questions.

Search is designed for students who prefer a more targeted approach to learning. Search allows the user to create problem sets by topic, difficulty, solve rate, average solve time, keywords, etc. Problem sets are then created from the search results. We recommend using Search if there are specific questions that you want to practice.

Spaced Repetition

Spaced Repetition is designed for students who prefer to review questions at increasing/decreasing intervals of time, depending on how well they know the material.